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Lamp and Lampshade Restoration and Recover Specialists

Over 20 years experience restoring and recovering lamps and lampshades of all types, sizes and styles. From vintage to present day, we do it all. We also offer chandelier repair and custom lamp creation using your favorite art pieces, antiques, vases, collectors items and much more...

We repair and restore fabric antique lampshades using your original fabric and trim pieces when available. We have over 20 years expertise in antique lampshade restoration and recovers. Custom Lamps and Shades will always attempt to reuse your original lamp and lampshade elements when possible. When original elements are no longer viable for use, we will recreate your original shade with vintage or vintage looking fabrics and trims. We are always happy to view photos of your lamp or lampshade and let you know if restoration is possible. Custom Lamps and Shades also restores chandeliers, sconces and more as well as providing custom lamp creation from the materials and pieces of your choice. No job is too big or too small. Contact us today for more details and to send us your pictures today.

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